i visit here for the:
product reviews
im lost, but like taking surveys

  this image below was poached by me with a very old camera without a  view finder, and lots of  luck.

  As the paid photographer was busy with his camera, not taking pictures, i moved up, and started to take a few.This is one of them.

click the image to see it full scale.



??? the videos are gone ?

                                                          no, they've been moved.


    videos are finding new homes, please use the navigational links above.

 Note:  this domain is going for light and Dark themes per link.

 These are focused on your experience, as gallery and video links will have dark themes to satisfy a better appeal and display, while the forum, chat, and other pages are ultimately brighter   (okay, the forums initial page is dark by default, but all the fallowup pages are normal by default, and yes, you can change all themes after you login). 

point is, the darker the page, the more entertaining it should be, as the lighter pages will have more informative data, shopping links, deals, and most importantly, relevant reviews on things that interest us. (that we can afford)

more content is on its way.... a lot more.


we're expecting a new channel, for products and reviews, and keeping up with as much fun as possible too.


please use the guestbook or contact us with any questions, until the survey and request pages arrive.


thank you for visiting.

and have a great extended weekend.


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